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by Dean Mitchell

lients often ask me “How Much Do You Charge To Create A Logo” It’s a good question but there is no easy answer.

The first thing I ask is “How many people are in the decision making process?” The reason I ask is because I base my estimates on the billable hourly design time it would take to complete the task. Each person involved adds time to this process. My most successful logos tend to come from smaller groups of decision makers (2-3 people).

We don’t often have that luxury and larger groups are often involved. What if each person asked for changes? Some clients want to show early concepts to the entire company and get everyone’s opinion. This can be great for team building and reaching out to the employees but there is a cost implication. This is probably the most important cost factor because it exponentially generates more hourly fees as we react to every opinion within a committee.

Logo design pricing is based largely on complexity. Type-solution logos are usually the least expensive and least time-consuming. They can be in the $400-$750 range. Logos involving symbols, shields or simple illustrations usually require more time. Contracting professional illustrators would be in the high end of this range. These types of logos can cost several thousand dollars and involve “usage” fees.

As for procedure, we generally go three rounds, with at least 4-6 distinct options in first round, narrowing our selections in R2 and R3 then, maybe, fine-tuning the final logo and delivering in vector (.ai & pdf) and JPG/PNG formats.

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